“Je pense, don…

“Je pense, donc je suis”-Rene Descartes (I think, therefore I am.)

 I’m super fired up to come back and share all of the wonderful things I have in mind after attending the American Holistic Nursing Conference this past week. Speaking of the mind….

Did you know that most of your thoughts are not your own? Over 90% of our thinking is automatic and it all goes back to how we are programmed. Did you know you have the ability to control and CHANGE the way you think? The key is to become more AWARE of your thoughts. Here is an acronym to help you when you find yourself getting caught up in negative thinking (“I can’t do it”, “It will never get better”, “Things will always be this way”):



Take a few deep breaths, transform your mood. The breath connects the body to the mind.

Observe sensations in your body and your mind

Proceed with compassion, kindness and creativity -Deepak Chopra

Thoughts>Feelings>Actions=Results Change your thoughts and transform your results. You are not your thoughts!


What is one action step you can take? Reply back, I’d love to hear.

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