Clearing out the Clutter


With summer just around the corner, have you done your spring cleaning? I’ll admit, these days I tend to be a day late when it comes to most things (or a couple months late) but a few weeks ago, I spent a night cleaning out my closet and my drawers and managed to get rid of 3 large garbage bags full of clothes. Do you want to know how it felt to drop them off for donation?


I have room in my drawers instead of jamming the stuff in. I have empty hangers! I can see what I have and I know what I need. Let me tell you that it feels GOOD!

However, with a basement full of water due to some flooding this past week, my room (and living room, and halls) are once again full of stuff. Everything had to be moved up to the main floor to clean up the water. Want to know the ironic part? It’s been on my rainy day list of things to do-to get rid of some things in the basement that I do not NEED. Seems like every other rainy day something else came up. Until the universe told me this time-it’s time to DO IT! I have to say it’s quite nice having everything right in my face-forcing me to do something about it although I’m admittedly a bit claustrophobic with the feeling the walls are closing in on me. But it’s helping me really think-why am I holding on to this STUFF? Let’s just say I see a bulk trash pick up in the near future. 

With all of this going on-it has me thinking… What kind of mental, emotional, and spiritual CLUTTER am I holding onto? 

It’s easy when you work with people to take on their energy. It’s contagious. Ever go into work feeling really good only to find yourself depleted within minutes? Sometimes it’s your co-workers, sometimes it’s your patients. We can tend to carry this around with us and creates mental and emotional clutter…GUNK.  I’ve found that I have to consciously tell myself-I’m not going to let these people get to me. I’m going to spread my POSITIVITY and LOVE!

I’ve been taking some time this past week to focus on letting go. REALLY letting go. With water seeping up through the floors, and the rains continuing to pour down. What could I really do about it? A whole lot of NOTHING. (Well maybe I could have plugged in the other sump pump that I didn’t know about?) Some of the stuff I’ve put up with in my past…I took it, it’s all I really knew what to do. But now-I’m done with that!  I’m letting go of the guilt. It served it’s purpose. It has made me who I am.

Sometimes it’s physical stuff. Sometimes it’s a relationship. Sometimes it’s the story you tell yourself.


It’s over. Get rid of it. I’m letting go. I’m having fun now. 

What’s holding you back? 

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